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Oscar François de Jarjayes
28 February 2011 @ 12:23 pm
Player Information
Name: Amy
Personal Journal: hawkwolf
Contact Info: email: mirrorshy [at] gmail [dot] com, AIM: Aewaller04
Other Characters: Previously played Ren Miyaki, but I ended up dropping her ;_;

Character Information
Name: Lady Oscar François de Jarjayes
Source Canon: The Rose of Versailles
Age: 22
Role In Canon: Main Character
History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Fran%C3%A7ois_de_Jarjayes

Personality: Oscar never had any issues with being raised as the boy her father wished he could have had. While she initially had little desire to join the French Royal Guard as her father insisted, that was more due to being young and not wanting the responsibility at the time than any real dissatisfaction with how she had been raised. And once she accepted the position she found not only that she liked it, but also that she was indeed very good at it, and she is the type of person to take great pride in being the best she can be.

While she does take pride in herself and her work, Oscar is not ambitious, at least not as most people would think of it. She is content in her job and position, and while she of course wishes to do the best job possible, she doesn't long for anything more, at least not professionally. She also has little desire to see other women follow in her footsteps. For all that she is radically defying tradition and custom, she doesn't see her position as enviable in any way.

Oscar is by no means unintelligent - on the contrary, she's very smart, with quick mental reactions to match her quick physical ones. She is not, however, particularly introspective. She's not one to question her life, or her orders, though she does have a very deep seated sense of morality and fairness. At the point in canon where I'm pulling her from, these two things haven't come in to conflict yet, though in the end she chooses her morality and fairness over orders, quite dramatically. In general though, while she realizes that the monarchy's taxes and lavish standards of living amongst the nobility are causing problems for the common people of France, she will still defend her King and Queen against any who would attempt to slander or rise against them. Yes, she might wish that Marie Antoinette pay a little more attention to her spending, and focus a bit more on the needs of her subjects, but she considers the Queen a friend, and her sympathies for the woman outweigh her concerns about the monarch.

She is a very good judge of character, as a general rule, but interpersonal relationships are not one of her strong points. She has, and values her loyal friends, especially Andre, but at the same time she rarely contemplates the exact nature of the relationship. She's essentially blind to Andre's love and devotion to her, as well as Rosalie's. In a way, she falls prey to the same blindness regarding her friends that she chastises Marie Antoinette for, she's just better about picking the friends in the first place.

Abilities: Trained fencer, Captain of the French Royal Guard. Nothing supernatural.